November 26, 2004

counting our blessings...

Orrin writes, in a post titled Much for W to be thankful for:

When Jim Jeffords switched parties in June 2001, throwing the Senate to the Democrats, after the bitterly contested post-Election of 2000, more than one pundit started counting down the Bush presidency. Here we are at Thanksgiving 2004 and just consider how many of his major opponents have instead reached the end of their political careers: Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, Tom Daschle, Saddam Hussein, Howell Raines, Dan Rather, & Tom Brokaw. That's quite a kill ratio.

MORE: And soon Kim Jong Il.

Almost scary. And he's arranged for Terry McAuliffe to remain head of the Dem Party, until replaced by Howard Dean.

The real puzzler is, did Karl have a little chat with the architect of the Clinton Library?

Posted by John Weidner at November 26, 2004 8:49 AM
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