November 15, 2004

They squirm away with slippery answers...

Francis W. Porretto has an interesting fisk of Robert Kaiser's editorial on what the Dems ought to do This is just a snippet...

And a neoconservative foreign policy is hardly a popular platform—couldn’t Democrats come up with a believable approach to national security that actually makes sense?
The worst self-delusion of all. It would have been closer to true before Black Tuesday, but still less true than not. A policy of aggressive engagement in those lands that have given rise to international terrorism, coupled with a cold-shouldered withdrawal from those nations whose governments have attempted to obstruct us, is the most popular international posture since World War II. President Bush’s absolute refusal to bend on it, despite its difficulties and costs, was the true key to his re-election; it persuaded voters that he was sincere, in contrast to his endlessly waffling opponent. The unwillingness to modify one’s views for popularity’s sake stands near the heart of what most of us mean by “moral values.”
To me, the oft-raised question of how to get to a credible Democrat (or European) defense policy always raises a deeper question: What do you believe in enough to fight for?

What do you believe in enough to kill for?

That's the question we never get an answer to. Instead we hear that Dems ought to have more "think tanks," to come up with more "new policy ideas." Phooey.

The people who voted for Bush have an answer to that question.Talk to conservatives, or to people in America's heartland, and almost all will agree that our freedoms, and our property, are worth fighting for. And not just easy fights, but, if necessary, long bloody wars. almost all will agree that America must winits wars, even if it means winning ugly.

Try getting some similar answer from the people in that Volvo with the Kerry sticker. Try to pin them down. You can't. They will squirm away every time. You will get some of those answers that have "but" right in the middle of the sentence. "Of course there are times we must use our military, but..."

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