November 7, 2004

Olive branches...

Pedro has a little list:

I’ve been hearing a lot from the Losers, aka Lefties, aka Democrats about how NOW is the time for the Republicans to come to their Democratic brethren in a spirit of compromise, maybe appoint a few Democrats to cabinet positions, and in general act as if Senator Kerry had won the election.

Thanks anyway.  We’ll not and say we did.

Here’s what it would take for me to accept the olive branch from the Left.

First, the Left would have to actually extend an olive branch.  Pretending that they already have won’t do, and neither will shrill and insulting demands that we extend one instead. 

Second, I need apologies, and lots of ‘em. 

For instance: [long list follows]

I myself am in less of a take-no-prisoners mood than the Happy Carpenter, and I'm not looking for any apologies, but I have to say that those things I've been reading, about how Bush should seize this opportunity and "move to the center," and become President "of all the people," are pretty silly.

Bad news guys, Bush is in the center. Most of the positions he holds are held by 60% or 70% of Americans. It may make you feel good to say he has a "radical right-wing agenda," but nothing could be further from the truth...

Posted by John Weidner at November 7, 2004 1:58 PM
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