November 6, 2004

Kerry-supporters (in Tehran) depressed...

Iranians Welcome Massively Bush's Re-election SMCCDI (Information Service) Nov 3, 2004 Millions of Iranians expressed their satisfaction on the outcome of the US Presidential elections and George W. Bush's victory by calling and congratulating each other. Many were seen walking in the streets and shaking each others hands or showing a discret V sign.

Many are speaking about the promises made by Mr. Bush to back the Iranian Nation in its quest for freedom and democracy.

As Iranians and especially the younger generations have become happy , those affiliated to the Islamic regime are seen deeply worried about their future....

...the Islamic regime tried hard to bring the few thousands of professional demonstrators for its organized celebration of the 1979 attack against the US Embassy in Tehran. It's to note that the Iranian Capital has over 12 millions of inhabitants and that the today's official commemoration of one of the main Islamist act of terror ecountered another massive popular rejection... (Thanks to Roger Simon)

Bush's re-election is a powerful blow against the terror-supporting regime in Tehran. We are already engaged in a proxy-war against them in Iraq. You can look for their efforts there to loose a lot of steam, now that one of it's main objectives, putting an appeaser president in the White House, has failed.

The Mullahs are extremely unpopular, and quite possibly this failure of their hopes will be the last straw. They lost this election.

Also lost: The man who, more than any other American, is responsible for the war of the terrorists against Western Civilization, Jimmy Carter. His doing nothing when the Iranians seized our people as hostages, was the big signal to terrorists that America was weak, and wouldn't fight for it's values and safety. And I'm sure that, at least unconsciously, Carter does not consider our country worth fighting for. He is smack-dab in the mainstream of lefty thought there. And at the Dem Convention he was in a box with Michael Moore! A more concentrated stew of vileness would be hard to find.

Anti-Americans have lost. Decisively.

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