November 5, 2004

"and now I intend to spend it..."

Ethan Hahn sent me the link to this news article

WASHINGTON, Nov 4 (Reuters) - President George W. Bush said on Thursday he earned "political capital" from the 59 million people who voted for him and will use it to advance a broad agenda that includes protecting America and reforming the intelligence community, the tax code and Social Security.

"I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it," Bush told a news conference a day after Democrat John Kerry conceded the election to the president...

That is splendid to hear. Not unexpected, but still thrilling. The biggest political disappointment I can remember was the first President Bush, who had his rain-barrel filled with political capital after the Gulf War, and then did absolutely nothing with it...

Ethan also reminds me of this post, from last May, where I wrote about Bush using his capital to maximum effect. And also how he is willing to give the appearance of being weak and ineffectual, but really waiting for the right moment to apply maximum force at a single weak point.

One thing I've learned to depend on is that every summer the Bush administration looks like it has run out of steam. And every year, come September, we discover that the president has been holding a good hand, and looking weak while the Dems push more and more chips onto the table, and think whatever they are ranting about is a winning issue.

Think of the Vietnam Era service issue. Bush served honorably in a dangerous and difficult job, and got high marks. Frankly, his service looks better to a lot of Americans (including the guys who served with him) than Kerry's peculiar stunts. If nothing else, you can take it to the bank that if George W Bush had been in Kerry's place, he would never have used a preposterous technicality to desert his men during a shooting war.

But the Bush campaign just sat there, like the Tar Baby, and said nothing (driving me crazy). And let the Kerry Campaign drag the Vietnam War back into the national consciousness...which was just a crazy thing for them to do, since it is hard to find, except for Jane Fonda, a more conspicuous symbol of the disgusting anti-American pro-communist lefty vileness of that horrid time than....John Kerry.

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