November 1, 2004

Two good quotes...

Dean Esmay:

...Although Steyn doesn't say so, you can even see it in the fact that so many Democrats complain about how frightening it is that Republicans are "unified" and "disciplined" and even "ideologues." What they're really saying when they say that is that Republicans believe in certain big ideas, whereas Democrats only believe that they are basically good at heart. They otherwise stand for nothing coherent, believe nothing in particular, except that their political opponents are evil. That, and an apparent need to cringe and apologize whenever American power is exercised abroad.
Michael Graham, in The Corner:
When the MSM says "Kerry's Winning Big," that means "It's close." When they say "It's Tied," that means "Bush is Winning." When they complain that Bush has somehow stolen a slim electoral majority but not nearly large enough to give him a mandate...

That means "Landslide."

Posted by John Weidner at November 1, 2004 8:49 AM
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