October 30, 2004

Ghirardelli bunker-buster....whooo ha!

Mrs P amused Charlene immensely with her proposed menus for Election Eve parties:

...As a Kerry presidency would be slippery and oily, eel stewed in it's own juices for the maincourse seems appropriate. Skate would work nicely too. Gull's eggs for an appetizer would be extravagant and reflect Mr. Kerry's own tastes. Should the salad be a composed one, just tossed with pansies and other edible flowers or a wedge of iceberg with french dressing?...
Considering what a conspicuous football tosser Mr Kerry is, possibly Gatoraide should be drunk? Or perhaps Perrier, the beverege of bicycle racers?
A Bush menu is much easier. Chilled Absolut straight up for starters. Smoked salmon on toast for an appetizer. A chopped salad. Beef Wellington with roasted root vegetables. And a chocolate bomb for dessert. Cigars and brandy even for the ladies...
After the landslide victory we Republicans can stop pretending to be nice folks and implement the New Order. Und zey vill OBEY! So, Baked Alaska for dessert? "Mr Moore, please come along quietly. Your transport to the North is waiting..." [You can ignore that, just teasin' our friends who are into conspiracy theories]

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