October 28, 2004

vacant lots, a gyro stand, a park and spots between two houses

Current politics in a nutshell...

The Republican Party of Wisconsin checked the addresses of more than 300,000 people registered to vote in the city with a software program also used by the U.S. Postal Service.

Republicans found that 5,619 addresses may be non-existent and then visited a number of the addresses. They snapped photos showing vacant lots, a gyro stand, a park and spots between two houses where the address should have been...

So what's the Democrat response? Well, keep this in mind when you hear those moonbat charges that nasty fascistic Republicans are "destroying democracy:"
A spokesman for John Kerry sharply criticized the move by Republicans, saying it was merely to prevent people, most likely those who lean Democratic, to vote.

"This is part of a consistent effort on their part to try and call the legitimacy of the electoral system into question," said George Twigg, Kerry's Wisconsin campaign director.

"Time and again Democrats have been working to encourage more to participate and encourage high participation. Republicans continue to file these often wildly inaccurate challenges to attempt to disenfranchise people," Twigg said

The average gyro stand is home to at least a dozen Democrat voters. And they are being disenfranchised! Intimidated! Enslaved!
(thanks to Betsy N)

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