October 27, 2004


I mentioned Gerrymandering a few posts back, and AOG has some interesting thoughts. And Dave Sheridan mentions in a comment that Ted Costa (he of the recall that made Arnold our Gov.--thanks Ted!) hasn't given up his hopes of getting redistricting reform on the ballot.

I confess that the other thrilling events of these times had driven Mr Costa's effort right out of my head. And probably out of a lot of other people's, or else the measure would be on the ballot, and we'd be voting on it next week. And I think that's GOOD—people have a limited capacity for excitement and change, and with all the other brouhaha right now, voters would likely reject any plans that promised upheaval. Better to wait a bit. Costa's web site is Fair Districts Now.

Posted by John Weidner at October 27, 2004 6:28 PM
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