October 26, 2004

Andrea Harris just dealt with

Andrea Harris just dealt with Jeff Jarvis's latest much better than I ever could. Read her first:

I once remarked that reading Jeff Jarvis’s blog is like staring at a train wreck full of naked old people: appalling, but you just keep peeking between your fingers...
If you need a few more details, here's my take:

Here's how Bush could have had a landslide
He's gonna.

: Or to put it another way: Here's how Bush could have had my vote -- and if he'd managed to get the vote of a lifelong Democrat, a Bill Clinton Democrat at that, then he could have gotten millions more unexpected votes and he would have run away with this election. But he's not. Why? Well, he coulda, shoulda....

Bush did NOT declare victory. There was that "mission accomplished" sign, but a mission is not a war, just a part of one. (Ooops, I forgot. Jarvis is a member of the "press." They don't know such things. Even after being told.)and the President specifically said there was more to be done. But it DOESN'T MATTER. Your whole point is STUPID. You can't vote for Bush because he didn't "Manage expectations?" Who the hell cares, what's important is winning a war, not winning the "expe ctations" sweepstakes.

the easy problems aren't the ones worth ..that's why you dems ar e becoming min. (not that your big-gov can run things better approach actually worked very well, but at least

this war has tooo many warts for my high Clintonian expectations. BUT, I garauntee you, the very NEXT war i shall support Amrica whole-heartedly
excuses to vote for Kerry, not reasons


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