October 20, 2004

Medieval finery...

A.M. Mora y Leon has an interesting piece in American Thinker, about women in Afghanistan:

European friends send me news photographs of women in Afghanistan voting for the first time, emphasizing they are wearing traditional blue burkas. And these photos supposedly prove that Afghanistan’s women at the polls are hardly “liberated,” as one put it, but remain living the same backward lives as they did under the Taliban. Somehow, the election turnout of women in burkas is supposed to be proof of America’s failure to improve anything in Afghanistan through elections. And in their conclusion, the election would change nothing, too.
But looking much more closely at the photos, I see many of signs of change. My first impression is the gorgeousness of the womens’ dress. I look at the sleeve-work. The ornate embroidery. The high quality of the fabrics. The perfect folding and draping and fitting, the delicacy of the caps.  A few years ago, these women were wearing rags. Now, instead of looking like mountain hillbillies, they look rather regal in medieval finery.  
Not all of the women in this line look rich and elegant, but quite a few do. It’s a hint of some wealth appearing in this dirt-poor war-ravaged country. Womens’ lives are improving and with it women are feeling freer to express themselves a bit, even if their masks remain...
(thanks to Jim Miller)
We should remember that the burkas were not invented by the Taliban, they are traditional in Afghanistan. The hunger of Europeans/Democrats to find evidence that nothing has been improved by US actions is very revealing of their state of mind. And totally stupid as far as US politics goes. Americans are a can-do crowd, and the Democrat's position as the party that's happy when problem-solving fails is not going to fly with voters.

We see this all the time with Kerryblogger types. Sullen silence when the news is good. Then when something goes wrong (Or even appears to, like the burkas mentioned above) they get a spring in their step and a gleam in their eye. "This is SOOOOOO BAD" they write. "I am SOOOOOO HEARTBROKEN that the America I love has descended into failure/folly/fascism/blindness/moral-bankruptcy...So I have to use my utmost eloquence to tell the world how loathsome this country is (when a Republican is in the White House)." Fflorrrpfh...

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