October 19, 2004


One of the pleasures of blogging is following the lives of other bloggers. I've been following Rinat for almost three years, since she was Renata, a Brazilian girl thinking of moving to Israel. A long journey, with many a setback, many a humble job. Now she's a journalist, covering the Knesset! What fun. This is from a post about her work:

...There was this humble writer today, running from a place to another today, in a deep stress, ready to kill someone. I was covering the political factions and the committees when, on my way from the 5th floor to our desk, I hear a familiar voice saying me "shalom!". Guess who? Opposition and Labour leader, Shimon Peres, going down with his spokesperson. I smiled, of course... Replied, asked what's up... He remembers me due to the fact he's crazy about Brazil, hehehe. While we waited for the elevator, Justice Minister, Tommy Lapid, joined us. And suddenly I see myself in the same elevator with some of the most proeminent people of the country...

Despite the whole stress, I had a second to think about how I love my job, my country and my new life. Everything seems to suck sometimes, but I have fun. I definitely do.

Posted by John Weidner at October 19, 2004 8:15 PM
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