October 16, 2004

An over-there kind of guy...

General Tommy Franks:

...I know a commander in chief when I see one and there's only one on the ballot," Franks said. "After September 11th, we were blessed to have a commander in chief who said enough is enough.

"There are two options: to fight them (terrorists) over there or to fight them over here. I'm an over-there-kind-of-guy," he said.

In an interview before the rally, Franks said he doesn't foresee an endless cycle of violence in Iraq, and he thinks violence will diminish after the Nov. 2 election.

"I believe they (insurgents) are influenced by what they see in our media," he told The Associated Press. "They see if they blow something up it's front-page news ... (and) the presidential candidates will talk about it...

It's interesting to contrast John Kerry with Franks. Kerry boasted for years about having been in Cambodia (Until his campaign was forced to admit that it wasn't true. Kerry himself doesn't admit things). Tommy Franks not only fought in Cambodia, he lost a foot there! But you never hear him bragging like a barroom blowhard. Real men don't.

And he's right about the insurgents and the press. The Democrats, the press, the Ba'athists and the terrorists are tacitly allied. One of my ten reasons for liberating Iraq is that it forces the Islamists to fight. Iraq is too important for them to ignore. The thought of a free democratic nation right smack in the middle of the Arab world--they know that's the beginning of the end for them. They have to fight.

But just now it occurs to me that the same thing goes for the Democrats and the Old Media. They've been forced to come out of the shadows and openly fight against the Americans. The thought of freedom and capitalism taking root in such seemingly stony ground is unendurable to them. It would be the ultimate rebuke to their statist dream. They are being forced to fight on bad ground, openly undercutting their own country in time of war, and openly hoping for bad economic news...

Iraq......pure genius

Posted by John Weidner at October 16, 2004 12:22 PM
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