October 16, 2004

Even better than the B-52...

The Diplomad writes:

We've come across some very good news for millions and millions of people around the world, especially in Africa. It seems that researchers have made a tremendous break-through in developing a vaccine against malaria, historically perhaps the most debilitating and destructive disease to afflict mankind....

...What we find particularly interesting is that given the negative spin being put on "big pharmaceuticals" in the US election campaign and wherever else political correctness thrives, e.g., the UN, we note that this vaccine has been developed by Western capitalist pigs such as the huge drug multinational SmithKlineGlaxo with support from the ultimate capitalist pig, Bill Gates and his foundation. In addition, not mentioned in the articles we have seen is the ground-breaking and expensive research done on malaria and distributed freely to researchers all over the world by the ultimate tool of greedy imperialist capitalist pigs, the US military.

So it seems that just as the B-52 has liberated more people, especially women, than any NGO or UN pronouncement, greedy Western capitalists and their tool of oppression, i.e., the US military, will now save the lives of more men, women, and children than . . . well, let's just say that Bill Gates has improved and now saved the lives of more people in more countries than Mother Teresa and whomever that forgettable person is that just got the latest Nobel Peace Prize...

Actually, though I think Windows is a loathsome kludge, I'd say Bill Gates has done for more good for the world as a capitalist (by spreading a cheap and standardized OS to the far corners of the globe) than he will ever do as a philanthropist.

(Thanks to Orbital)

Posted by John Weidner at October 16, 2004 8:17 AM
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