October 15, 2004

A crock..

Jeff Jarvis wants bloggers to support the 1st Amendment rights of the NYT, in regards to Judith Miller being held in contempt of court.

I think this is a crock. Reporters, by custom (not legal right) can conceal the identities of sources while investigating wrongdoing. But in this case, the press was helping commit the wrong. It was the press (and Joe Wilson) who trumpeted Plame's identity to the world, and then has the nerve to demand that the administration be brought to justice!

The purpose of protecting sources is so that they will talk to reporters and reveal things the public needs to know. But in this case it was the talking to reporters that was the bad deed. If reporters were actually interested in preventing wrong, they could have told us that an administration official was giving them the identity of a CIA agent--without revealing who the agent was. But what the press wanted was a scandal that would hurt the President. They weren't newsgathering, they were trying to influence politics. They don't deserve any protection.

Posted by John Weidner at October 15, 2004 1:25 PM
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