October 14, 2004

Mistake, I think...maybe a big mistake

A classic blunder, in any sort of conflict, is to believe your own propaganda.

I think Democrats have just made exactly that mistake. The mentioning of Mary Cheney was obviously deliberate and planned. (Both candidates did it, and both are acquainted with openly gay Democrats who would have been more obvious examples to mention. Chrissy Gephardt for instance.)

The only political purpose this could serve is to turn-off the Republican base. This will only work IF the base is really the homophobic gay-bashing knuckle-dragging Christian Taliban the Dems claim it is.

So we have an experiment! If Democrat propaganda is true, the Republican base should become noticeably less enthusiastic about Bush and Cheney. I predict that this won't happen. I know people who spout that "Republicans are gay-bashers" line. They are impervious to any arguments that might upset their world-view. They have no interest in learning about Republicans from an actual Republican. Stupid.

But we shall see—the experiment is in progress!!!

By the way, I think they made another mistake. The group know as "parents" may be as disgusted as I, as a parent am. If anyone embarrasses or criticizes one of my children, I want to KILL them. I feel Lynne Cheney's anger vicariously. Also, the argument that Mary Cheney is a "public figure," and therefore "fair game" is lying bullshit. Most people don't even know who she is. If she were a public figure, there would be no point in "outing" her.

Posted by John Weidner at October 14, 2004 11:05 AM
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