October 13, 2004

Stop a bad law...

Moira Breen requests assistance to help fight a very stupid change in the law. It would make all human remains found in the US, no matter how old, the property of the Indian tribes. This is absurd on the face of it; remains that are thousands of years old, like the 9,000 year-old Kennewick Man, can't seriously be considered to belong to any current tribe.

And of course the real kicker is that the tribes don't want us to discover that other groups came to America before them. Their position on the preferred-victim gravy-train would be imperiled if it were found that they had exterminated the "Native Americans!" Oooops. And they would get a lot less sympathy when they whine about badminton teams named "The Redskins." Also, this would embarrass lefty intellectuals, who partly base their anti-Americanism on the long-ago genocide against the Indians (while ignoring any genocides that aren't committed by Americans or Jews.)

WHAT YOU CAN DO. SB 2843 has the potential to cripple the field of physical anthropology and to limit studies on the peopling of the Americas. All Americans own the past and should share equally in what we can learn about our common human heritage. Please call and write your senator and house representatives now! Passage of this bill is eminent and could occur within a matter of days. Although the Society for American Archaeology represents itself as a supporter of scientific study, the leadership has gone on record in support of SB 2843, an antiscience measure. The only way to stop this bill is through a grass root movement. Call and write now before SB 2843 becomes law! Address information for Senators and Representatives and additional information on SB 2843 can be found here. Calls and faxes are most effective.

Posted by John Weidner at October 13, 2004 4:13 PM
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