October 12, 2004

" And so now we have Dick Cheney..."

The worry in politics, as in love, is that the person you favor may just be pretending to be what you are looking for. Politicians especially, are always watching the polls and focus groups, and adjusting themselves accordingly. So finding a bit of confirming evidence that a politician is genuine is exciting

This piece from a New Yorker article on President Bush is a double zinger. We learn about the Cheneys as we watch them learn about George W Bush:

..."The now Vice-President declined the option, but did agree to head up the search committee,” Johnson said. “And then came back some months later and said that in fact he’d changed his mind and he would be willing to run—to be the President’s running mate.” Johnson said he had a hunch about what had changed: “Lynne Cheney told some mutual friends of ours that she and Dick decided that in fact they did want to join the Bush ticket, because they came to really like George and Laura, and the Vice-President came to realize that the President wanted to come up here to really make a difference. He was not going to try to play it safe. Not try to extend an easy, moderately successful four years into an easy, moderately successful eight years. He was going to try to come up here and make dramatic changes to the issues he thought needed to be addressed. And the Vice-President got very, very energized and excited about doing that. And so now we have Dick Cheney as Vice-President.”...(My emphasis)
"He was not going to try to play it safe..." Ha ha. Tell me about it. This country's been leaderless since Reagan left office. And now things are cooking again. What bliss it is to be alive in these very very days...Thank you God, for Bush and Cheney.
Vice-President Cheney at the AEI
Vice-President Cheney at the American Enterprise Institute's World Forum

(As for love, if you are curious, I did NOT have to wait wistfully for the 21st Century to come along. Charlene and I have been on the same wave-length since 1985...which feels like maybe three years ago.)

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