October 12, 2004

America was at war, but we didn’t know it yet...

Thanks for a reminder by Citizen Smash:

FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY, a Navy destroyer was making a brief port call in Aden for the purpose of taking on fuel. As was common practice during such evolutions, a small barge pulled alongside to collect garbage.

Seconds later, the barge exploded. It ripped a 40-foot hole in the side of the USS Cole, flooding two engine compartments and nearly sending the ship to the bottom of the harbor. Seventeen sailors were killed, and 37 more were wounded.

America was at war, but we didn’t know it yet.......

Nah, nah, it was just a "nuisance." Something we should "learn to live with." (via Dean)

Posted by John Weidner at October 12, 2004 5:48 PM
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