October 11, 2004

Why on earth should anyone listen...to Andrew Sullivan

A reader sends:

In the same paragraph, Andrew Sullivan first says:
"The major objection to this [to Kerry], of course, is that Kerry simply cannot be trusted. He won't simply change tactics in the war; he'll change direction. His long record of appeasing America's enemies certainly suggests as much. And I don't blame anyone who thinks that's enough evidence and votes for Bush as a result.
And then:
"But it behooves fair-minded people also to listen to what Kerry has actually said in this campaign: that he won't relent against terrorism."
Why on earth should anyone listen to someone who can't be trusted?
Poor Sullivan's in knots again. I wish he would just say he supports Kerry because of gay marriage. But no, he has to cover up by trying to actually make a case for Kerry, and against Bush. (He was for him before he was against him.)

If Osama bin Laden was in favor of gay marriage, Sullivan would face an difficult choice: Whether to go the whole enchilada and wear a black-turban, or to fudge a bit with a white one.

Posted by John Weidner at October 11, 2004 11:06 AM
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