October 11, 2004

Bush is too nuanced??

This is the funniest thing! Remember when Kerry complained that the Administration had 23 reasons to liberate Iraq? As if this was BAD? (Too nuanced? Too complex? Too many shades of gray? Who knows...)

Now this, from the Kerry campaign's web site: BREAKING NEWS!: CONDI ANNOUNCES 24TH IRAQ RATIONALE.

Well, here it is:

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: SADDAM’S “INSATIABLE APPETITE”: It's obviously a risk but I think to say that this was a greater risk now than before Saddam Hussein was out of power simply doesn't face the fact that Saddam Hussein had an insatiable appetite for weapons of mass destruction. He had an unflinching hatred for the United States. He had every reason to cooperate with our enemies. This was a gathering and growing threat and it was time to take care of it.” [Condi Rice, Fox News Sunday, October 10, 2004]
Well, she's absolutely right. We are in a WAR. Saddam was an avowed enemy, and a risk. Bush acted. Kerry would not have acted. Gore would not have acted. That's all you need to know.

Posted by John Weidner at October 11, 2004 8:16 AM
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