October 10, 2004

The same thing's going to happen here...

...Howard will have to pay for this. What he has won through the electoral process will now have to be de-legitimised by other means. Prepare for corrosive spin-doctoring on an epic scale: the election victory was built on a lie (a spin automatically applied to all Howard victories). It was a triumph of fear over substance. A political victory for Howard but a moral defeat for Australia. Mark Latham won the campaign but lost the election. The public chose greed (mortgages) over conscience (Iraq, truth in government). The religious right will have dangerous influence in the Senate... [link] (Thanks to Tim Blair)
Get ready for it. My guess is that the margin will be so large that only the truly loony will complain about people being "disenfranchised." But there will be a thousand variations on: "the voters are morons."

And we will hear that the Republicans "are trying to create a one-party state." This is silly; even if the entire populace votes Republican, we still won't have "a one-party state." Other parties would still exist, and people would still have the option of voting for them.

Posted by John Weidner at October 10, 2004 12:06 PM
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