October 8, 2004

If elected I promise...to have the world's best excuses....

Kerry speaks:
[link] Asked whether he'd send troops [to help in Sudan] , Kerry said the United States would "have to be in a position in Iraq and Afghanistan" to allow that to happen...
Kerry is the perfect Democrat—infinitely resourceful in finding reasons to do nothing.
...He said his options as president would be limited because President Bush has overextended U.S. forces.
Utter bullshit. I'll bet you dollars to donuts he didn't ask any of our troops in Iraq if they felt too "overextended" to save thousands of lives. (Of course he is opposed to the Administration's plans to reduce troops in EUROPE. Defending jobs in Germany is important! Defending the Fulda Gap is crucial.)
...."Our flexibility is less than it was," he said. "Our moral leadership is not what it ought to be."
Democrat moral leadership is certainly AWOL. And I infer that America can regain "moral leadership" by doing nothing—then Europeans will approve of us and look to us as leaders.
...Kerry recalled former President Clinton's regret about not doing more to stop the 1994 Rwandan genocide, when at least 500,000 minority Tutsis and political moderates from the Hutu majority were killed
So how do you get "moral leadership" in Democrat Bizarro World? You get it by feeling sorry that you did nothing while half-a-million died. Clinton is a moral giant for taking on his shoulders so much pain. Bush, moral weakling that he is, won't accept the painful duty to do nothing.
..."I would try to provide all of the logistical support, all of the funding and leadership necessary to help the African Union to be able to step in if necessary and feasible."
IF it's necessary, IF it's feasible, THEN brave Kerry will help someone else to try to do something. Providing that that's not too militaristic for the Democrat base. Probably better to be safe, and do nothing.

We're so accustomed to Democrats that it's hard to notice how CRAZY all this is. Kerry is campaigning on his excuses for future presidential inaction! We're "overextended," "Our flexibility is less."

Well, golly, America better sit in the shade for a decade or two, just so we don't get sunstroke...

Posted by John Weidner at October 8, 2004 9:49 AM
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