October 6, 2004

Just helping out the "political jihad" here...

[from NewsMax] Disgraced CBS newsman Dan Rather accused the White House on Saturday of trying to "smear" him after he used forged documents in a bid to discredit President Bush's National Guard record. Speaking at a media forum in New York City, Rather insisted, "I don't have a political agenda."

LOL. Pretty funny joke, Dan
"I'm an independent journalist," he claimed, in quotes picked up by the Washington Post.
Is that another way of saying "loose cannon?"
Rather pledged that he wouldn't give in to his critics, who he said were themselves guilty of "bias."
Most of your critics have open and perfectly proper biases. Unlike Old Media news anchors, we're not pretending we are just "reporting the news."
The embattled newsman denied reports that he would step down as anchor of the "CBS Evening News" anytime soon, vowing to "not to give up the fight" to clear his name.
Some of us remember Nixon talking like that...
"NBC Nightly News" anchorman Tom Brokaw, a fellow panelist, offered supportive words for his colleague and attacked Rather's critics on the Internet for waging "a kind of political jihad against Dan Rather and CBS News that is quite outrageous."
While Rather's long-time jihad against the Bush family is not outrageous??
"When it comes to fraudulence, forgeries and claims that cannot be supported, that's where you see an enormous harm being done to the country," he complained.
Oh good, so you are going to start calling the Democrats on fraudulent claims of an imminent military draft, millions of blacks "disenfranchised," or "secret plans" to hurt dairy farmers??
Brokaw singled out the Media Research Center's L. Brent Bozell, who the network newsman said was "doing as much damage as he can, and I choose that word carefully, to the credibility of the news divisions."
You damaged yourselves, you fraudulent clowns, Bozell is merely pointing it out. You sound just like Democrats complaining of "vicious attacks" and "Republican sliming" after we merely quote their own words and record.
Also on hand to defend Rather was "ABC World News Tonight" anchorman Peter Jennings, who explained why anchormen like his CBS colleague sometimes seemed to take the side of the enemy in their news coverage.
Well yes, you might explain a certain similarity to Al Jazeera...
"[It's] not a natural instinct for those of us in the establishment media to cheer the country on," Jennings said
You forgot to add, "Especially when a Republican is in the White House." I myself shall continue to cheer America on, and despise those who find that tacky and beneath them

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