October 6, 2004

Just roll the words around your tongue...

Jim Geraghty has a good piece on how the Democrats/news media who are insinuating wrong-doing by Vice-President Cheney ALL have to admit they have no evidence. (Newspapers usually put that little admission in about paragraph 26, while the phony charges go on the front-page.) No evidence of any impropriety, but that doesn't stop them for a second.

And OpinionJournal has a good debunking of the insinuations against the Halliburton Corporation, and its subsidiary KBR (the company that is actually involved with Iraq, both in supporting 211,000 personnel in Iraq and Kuwait, and getting iraq's oil flowing again). Did you know Halliburton is considering spinning off KBR, because it's profits are too low?

But who needs facts? I mean, you KNOW there's something there. Just roll the words around your tongue: Halliburton...Cheney...Corporation...OOIIIIILLLLLL...

I think "Democrat" has become a synonym for "liar."

Posted by John Weidner at October 6, 2004 10:18 AM
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