September 30, 2004

Pretty much a draw...

Stephen Green, liveblogging the debate:

7:45pm. Here's what we have so far. Kerry is an impressive attack machine. Bush impressively refuses to budge. If I had to guess, the question most viewers will ask is, "In time of war, do I want the debate team captain, or the guy he can't move?"
I saw part of the debate. Kerry was more impressive than I expected, but suffered from the basic incoherence of his positions. Bush was not at his best, and was frustrating to listen to because I kept thinking of clever, cutting things he ought to say. (Whoreson caitiff knave, you dare to breath the word Kyoto! You stand accurs'd, your own vote hath condemned thee utterly!) But I'm not the target of these debaters. And the playing field wasn't level, because it was all about debating what Bush has done and said, never what Kerry has done. Of course, he's never done anything, but still, it was unfair.

Posted by John Weidner at September 30, 2004 9:42 PM
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