September 30, 2004

Monday-morning quarterbacking...

a reader writes:

Andrew Sullivan's "Maybe I need to be clearer" blog today entitled "The War", is a perfect illustration of why John Kerry is in a jam over Iraq. Andrew's at least twice as smart as Kerry, yet even he can't get beyond plain-old monday-morning quarterbacking. Bush made mistakes? Big deal! When it comes to what we should be doing now in Iraq, it's exactly what we are doing. Hold elections, train more troops and get on with reconstruction. Nobody's buying the "woulda, coulda, shouldas" or the "get the French and Germans to help us" bull. I don't see Kerry's way out of this morass. Guess we'll soon find out if he has one.
I'm an old-fashioned conservative Original Sin kind of guy, so I believe that individuals are fallible, institutions are fallible to some multiple of their individuals, and governments the same with bells on. So I'm not much impressed with "vote for me because the other guy made mistakes" arguments...There are always mistakes.

Posted by John Weidner at September 30, 2004 4:18 PM
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