September 30, 2004

“My summer vacation with a bloodthirsty tyrant,”

Joel Mowbray has a great piece on how Jimmy Carter is happy to "ceritfy" the elections of thugs and dictators, but condemns Florida, which is ruled by something much worse: Republicans.

...In a stomach-turning first-person essay on his trip to Cuba in May 2002 that reads like a “My summer vacation with a bloodthirsty tyrant,” Jimmy Carter writes, “President Castro and I had a friendly chat about growing peanuts” on the way to the hotel, and then later “[t]hat evening President Castro and I had a general discussion of issues and then enjoyed an ornate banquet.” 

With prose that might make even Castro’s PR flacks blush, Carter lavishes praise on Cuba’s “superb systems of health care and universal education,” “a remarkable medical school,” and the “amazing musical and dance performances” of “mentally retarded and physically handicapped children.”  Then, this doozy: that the “fundamental right [of civil liberties enjoyed by Americans to change laws] is also guaranteed to Cubans.”

What Carter neglected to mention was that while he was staying at a hotel off-limits to ordinary Cubans, Castro was probably busy killing a political enemy or jailing innocent citizens...

By the way, constitutionally, our elections are regulated by elected leaders, such as state legislatures, which pass the election laws, and the "secretary of state," who is elected or confirmed by the legislature.

Therefore, when people like Carter imply that there is something fishy about Florida's elections because they are under the control of "highly partisan" officials, like Florida secretary of state Katherine Harris, they are talking nonsense. Un-American nonsense. (And of course they never find anything odd about Democrat election officials, such as when Al Gore asked for recounts only in those counties controlled by Dems.)

To repeat, elected officials and legislatures control elections. And if the people are so lost to decency and sanity as to elect Republicans, tough! Get used to it.

What was fishy was having the Florida Supreme Court trying to run an election. The US Supreme court was correct to put a stop to it.

* Update: Also, did you notice the line in Mobray's article: “amazing musical and dance performances” of “mentally retarded and physically handicapped children.”? Communists (and terrorists) study our Lefties, folks, and feed them whatever pap they want. It used to be "model" collective farms, or watching "workers" give a performance. Or having one female astronaut, who makes one flight, and then goes on permanent tour.

Remember Valentina Tereshkova? First woman in space? That must count as the most successful propaganda stunt in history. One factory girl, with less than a year's training, flies in a totally automated spacecraft, and the whole world suddenly believes that the Soviet Union is a paradise of equal rights! And SF writers fell into line, putting female Russian space-commanders into stories. And nobody asked about the other three factory gals who trained with Tereshkova, and then vanished from view once she made her one flight. (I will be charitable, and assume they were just sent back to the tractor factory.) We should have had bloggers back then...

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