September 29, 2004

Liberals are mannered, sensitive.....giant night-flying leeches

Jonah Goldberg quoted this, from a novelist, at The Corner:

At their essence, conservatives are on guard, bristling, armed with a righteous anger, prone to mockery of their enemies, sure of themselves, unwilling to criticize America, especially by comparing it to anyplace else. The attacks of Sept. 11 only confirmed their world view: We are constantly at risk.

Liberals are mannered, sensitive, armed with intellectual cynicism, self-critical, eager to learn from other cultures, wanting there to be no pain in the world. The attacks made them sad and angry, too, but their reflex was more pensive than vengeful.

Pensive. Oh, we so pensive. We no want pain in the world—we shouldn't have inflicted pain on poor Ba'athists. Poor poor Uday and Qusay. We should learn from their culture. We know America bad, so we is "self-critical." But though America is bad, attacks on her made us "sad and angry." Sad we can't focus on important things, like bike paths. Angry at nasty flags.

Armed with "righteous anger," I will try not to barf. But "mockery of our enemies?" It's a duty, when faced with such asininity.

Jonah also quoted this, from the NYT: Experts caution that the race is highly fluid, but Mr. Bush, for now at least, is surging ahead... Fluid? So what, um, exactly, happened to that election we used to hear about, where everyone in this 50-50 nation was committed, and there were few undecided voters?

Posted by John Weidner at September 29, 2004 7:24 PM
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