September 26, 2004

I don't have to draw you a map....

Shannon Love has performed a valuable service in this post.

She linked to this map, of population density in Iraq, which I here present in compressed form:

Iraq population density
And then she created another map, here, of all 58 U.S. combat fatalities for the month of September to date, by provinces of Iraq. Again, here's my compressed version (If you can't read the legend, green is zero deaths, yellow is 2-5, and red 20+):

Iraq, deaths per province
She writes:

Of course, other months would have slightly different maps. During Al-Sadar's uprising the province of Al Najaf would have been red for example. But the overall pattern is clear. The "insurgency" is geographically concentrated. Most of Iraq sees little or no violence directed against the Coalition. For example, a minimum of 29 of the fatalities occured within a 50 kilometer radius of a point halfway between Falujah and Baghdad.
I think Random Jottings readers are mentally acute enough that I don't have to point out the obvious. Remember these maps, when liars tell you that Iraq is sliding into hopeless anarchy, that "the Shi'ites have risen against us," that we are in a quagamire....the usual stuff.

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