September 26, 2004

"Leopard never changes his spots!"

If you wonder how our troops in Iraq feel about "Senator" Kerry's encouragement of terrorists, and disparagement of our work in Iraq, here's a Marine's father's post by Grim at Mudville Gazette:

Da Grunt [his son] called on Wed night (Thur morning 0200) and was waiting on a C-130 to fly him and the boys to Kuwait! He's out of it and in one piece.

And we'd best be keeping him and his compadres away from John Kerry for awhile! They are not real fond of him right now considering he threw them under the bus and they spent their last week fighting like hell because, and I quote, "The a**hole has let these %^&$* believe they can win and we're paying the price! Half of everything we worked so hard to do has gone to s**t!". I don't believe Kerry will get the Marine vote! If the new guys survive his rhetoric. Everyone over there will sure feel better when November comes! BTW, there was a huge absentee vote before the new guys went over. Enough politics but I thought y'all should know what the real story about the "quagmire" is and who is getting our boys killed again. Leopard never changes his spots! (In case you didn't notice, I'm really pissed at the crap spewed out this week and so is my son who had to pay a price for it!)....

The Democrats really deserve to lose. And yes I know there are many solid patriotic Americans who are Dems. Long my they prosper. But the heart of the party is rotten. And Kerry isn't real, he's just a sort of psychic projection of the "Democrat Base." If all the "Progressives" and "activists" were to magically disappear, Kerry would collapse and turn to mist and blow away, like Saruman...

Posted by John Weidner at September 26, 2004 9:42 AM
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