September 24, 2004

"just a smattering of applause"

A reader writes:

I'm watching Kerry live, giving a major terrorism address. Can't they at least put him in front of a large enthusiastic audience? He's getting just a smattering of applause. I thought it was easy to round up a political crowd. This is embarrassing!
I think they need to announce ahead of time what position Mr Kerry will be taking. Then the 20% or 30% of his "supporters" who agree with that stance can turn out enthusiastically. And the others can hope for next week.

I'm guessing that the current version is "the real Kerry," to the extent that that concept has any meaning. Someone pointed out that the one time in Kerry's life when he spoke clearly and without "nuance," the one time that no one had any trouble figuring out what his position was...was when he was attacking his own country and slandering his fellow vets, and helping Commies to enslave and murder millions of people.

The current spate of ugly lying attacks on Iraq and Prime Minister Allawi smell like the real stuff to me.

Posted by John Weidner at September 24, 2004 7:07 PM
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