September 17, 2004

At least one evil deed is not going unpunished...

I keep laughing and laughing whenever I think of this post from PowerLine. About how the attempts of the DNCBS to smear the President have resulted in millions of people who were hardly aware that he flew jet fighters, seeing things like this on the news:

George W Bush in the Texas Air National Guard

Guess what? They like him! Especially women...they think he's cute.

Bush never made a big fuss over his military service, because men don't do that. Kerry's preening is the mark of a phony. And after listening to the MSM and the appeasers attack Bush, many people probably imagine that his duty consisted of polishing a brass cannon on alternate Leap Years. But now those same smears are also letting people know Bush flew an F-102. And plenty of people will understand what that means, and respect him for it. (And a lot of people in the press and academia will soon be telling us that the voters are morons, for re-electing Bush. You may feel confident that they are NOT the kind of people who appreciate what goes into flying a high-performance jet, and don't want to know.)

Posted by John Weidner at September 17, 2004 4:39 PM
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