September 15, 2004

"up all night at the Kinkos in Columbus, Indiana"

Lexington Green, on Rathergate:

...I very much HOPE that we are seeing something more like 1989, the disintegration of the Soviet Empire. The Left in this country only sustained itself after the 1960s due to anti-democratic coups, like hijacking the Federal Courts or staffing the federal bureaucracy with like-minded people, and by imposing an ideological monopoly by means of the media and the academic community and the think tanks and foundations. This monopoly was and is enforced by harassment and job discrimination and public vilification. But this system only works if it is leak proof. If people can only think in the categories you give them, then they cannot rebel. For example if you live in a world composed of two categories, "moderates" and "right wing extremists" life is easy for the so-called moderates, a/k/a the Left. But maintaining this mental hegemony is a constant struggle.

That is why the lefty establishment freaks at even a small dissenting voice -- a single blade of grass coming through the cement like Buckley's National Review got intense attention and animosity. But most people don't read intellectual journals. What Buckley did for the people who follow these things in the Sixties, Rush and Fox and now the Net have done for millions of ordinary people. Now, we see increasingly desperate measures by the MSM to retain control. It is one thing to try to ignore Rush and Fox, pretend they are yappers and you are the "real" media. After all Rush and Fox are essentially peer competitors, doing more or less what you do.

But the Net is a monster of a different order. It is no longer dueling dinosaurs. It is now an old, tired, arrogant dinosaur against swarms of small, hungry, highly-motivated rats. The MSM has in the last few years increasingly abandoned any pretense of objectivity as they try to counteract the opposition while pretending to be the only legitimate voice. Even fifteen years ago, they would have gotten away with shit like these forged documents. The people disagreeing would be staying up all night at the Kinkos in Columbus, Indiana, sending a mimeographed newsletter to the handful of other right wing cranks they knew. ...

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