September 14, 2004

these other points have also been revealed as forgeries...

Tim Noah writes:

...Which brings us to a larger point. The documents were entirely consistent with everything that's already been established about President Bush's National Guard service. We know strings were pulled on his behalf to get in. We know that, for whatever reason, he wouldn't take a required physical. We know that Bush agitated for a transfer to Alabama, and that for a period of six months there exists no evidence that he ever showed up. None of this makes Bush a bad person—except insofar as he feels free to question, or permits others on his campaign to question, the manhood and patriotism of his opponent, John Kerry. 60 Minutes may have inadvertently framed the president, but in doing so it framed an already guilty man...
Wrong-O Jack.

All of them have been shown to be false, by bloggers. Every rotten one of them, including that Bush "questioned" Kerry's "manhood and patriotism." (Random Jottings is happy to question them, but I'm not part of the campaign.)

It's pathetic. The Democrats are building an edifice of lies. Intentionally! Here's what a CBS news producer said to the Prowler:

...This CBS New producer went on to explain that the questions 60 Minutes folk were asking were specific enough that people would have been able to fabricate the memorandums to meet the exact specifications the investigative journalists were looking for. "People were asking questions of sources like, 'Have you ever seen or heard of a memo that suspended Bush for failing to appear for a physical?' and 'Have you heard about or know of someone who has any documentation from back in the 1970s that shows there was pressure to get Bush into the National Guard?' It was like they were placing an order for a ready-made product. That is the biggest problem I have with this. It's all too neat and perfect for what we needed. Without these exact pieces of paper, we don't have a story. Dan has as much as admitted that. Everyone knows it. We were at a standstill on this story until these memos showed up."...
This is crazy desperation. Crazy. The Dems are going nuts because they can't handle becoming the minority party. And they can't handle that because their whole worldview is based on it being just assumed that they are a real party with a program, with ideas, with ideals. None of those things will withstand scrutiny, and deep inside they know it.

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