September 13, 2004

to trounce a few countries...

There's an interesting piece in Asia Times, Why Americans love George W Bush , by Spengler.

In particular, this line:

...Once attacked, Americans want to fight back. George W Bush may have attacked the wrong country (which I do not believe), and he may have mistaken the US mission after the initial fighting was over (which I do believe), but Americans are quite willing to forgive him. They understand that it is hard to track down and destroy a shadowy enemy, and do not mind much if the United States has to trounce a few countries before finding the right ones...
That's what the cackling hens who say we attacked the wrong country don't get. (Not that they would have supported our country if it had attacked anybody else.)

They think America has shot its wad, and will now sink into the exhausted introspection they prefer, for at least another decade. They think the Iraq Campaign has now made the world safe for the tyrants they dote on. Think again, turkeys. America is just getting warmed up. We may not need further large-scale invasions. Or then again maybe we will. In which case we will just do it.

It's the vile anti-American screwball Left that's getting tired. Don't put away the giant puppets yet, guys. Freedom's still on the march, and it's up to you to stop it.

Posted by John Weidner at September 13, 2004 8:16 AM
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