September 12, 2004

The real docs

It's interesting to look at the documents by Colonel Killian that are NOT obvious forgeries...Byron York writes;

...But according to the documents released by the White House, just seven days later, on May 26, 1972, Killian signed on to a glowing report of Bush's performance. "Lt. Bush is an exceptional fighter interceptor pilot and officer," the report, written by Harris, said. "He eagerly participates in scheduled unit activities." The evaluation even took approving note of the fact that, "Lt. Bush is very active in civic affairs in the community and manifests a deep interest in the operation of our government. He has recently accepted the position as campaign manager for a candidate for United States Senate." Below Harris's signature, there was the statement, "I concur with the comments and ratings of the reporting official," signed by Killian.

And a year before that, on May 27, 1971, Killian concurred with yet another evaluation that said, "Lt. Bush is an exceptionally fine young officer and pilot...[He] possesses sound judgment and is mature beyond his age and experience level.... He continually flies intercept missions with the unit to increase his proficiency even further."...

As york points out, even if the CBS documents are not forgeries, there's a lot of evidence that directly contradicts them.

Also, the "intercepts" mentioned are probably of Russian bombers flying out of Cuba, something that his wing did routinely. If WWIII had started, Lt Bush would have been on the front lines in the first hours.

Posted by John Weidner at September 12, 2004 4:54 PM
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