September 10, 2004

"the most media savvy of them all"

Hugh Hewitt writes:

..."Young people have led the exodus from Kerry to Bush. Since Aug. 1, Kerry's support among voters ages 18 to 29 has dropped from 63 percent to 49 percent while Bush's share of the young vote has increased to 46 percent -- a 28-point turnaround in five weeks."

This last finding strikes me as astonishing. Michael Barone had given a talk I attended last week where he argued that going into the convention, this was the one very soft spot in the polls for the president.  And now Kerry has hemorrhaged and Bush has surged in just this age cohort.  My guess why?  This generation of voter is easily the most media savvy of them all, and very attuned to the inauthentic parading before them.  They spit the word "poser" or its newest version with the frequency of bullets from an AC-130H Spectre.  And this group took a look at Kerry and his magic hat and his "seared, seared" fantasies and said no. Bush, on the other hand, is nothing if not authentic.  I don't think Kerry has the time and certainly lacks the ability to rebrand himself in seven weeks... 

I can't begin to describe the satisfaction I feel, knowing that neither President Bush, nor Vice-President Cheney, is ever likely to "rebrand" or "re-package" themselves. What you see is what you get, and what you got last time.

Bush now is very similar to the Bush who first ran for Governor of Texas. And I can't think of any big alterations from the Dick Cheney who was Ford's Chief of Staff, and Bush 41's SecDef. No consultant will ever change their image by having them wear "soft earth-toned clothing" like Al Gore.

And I have a small feeling of pride because I never believed all the yakkety-yack about how Bush would surely chose a different VP for 2004, someone "more attractive" than Cheney. It was never going to happen, not only because Bush never plays cutesy games like that, but also because Karl called me and asked how the base felt about the VP. And I said, "Charlene and I adore him, and his family." And he said, "Then the rest of them probably do too."

I added that we wouldn't mind if the GWOT were pursued more aggressively, and he said, "Second term John, second term..."

Posted by John Weidner at September 10, 2004 8:08 PM
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