September 10, 2004

"lying like a politician"

Ace has a good post on Dan Rather's ridiculous "defense." I especially liked this:

...PS: When I say it was just about the most dishonest thing I've ever seen, I mean that-- and I include politicians' lies in that mix.

What made this defense so outrageous is that it utilized all the usual petty dishonesties of political deception-- refusing to even acknowledge the questions you can't answer, dwellling on those few you can, deliberately conflating distinct terms to confuse an ill-informed audience, etc.

He was lying like a politician-- a very noxious one.

And yet he's "the media" -- the one we're supposed to trust. The disinterested, neutral, ojbective fair-and-balanced down-the-middle no-nonsense hard news man.

He's a liar. And not a particularly convincing one.

Ironically enough, he reminded me of Nixon tonight-- Nixon, just before the final "V" finger wave.

But what really made my day was a cognomen in this post:"Joshua Micah Hezekiah Bucephalus Boutros-Boutros Marshall"

Posted by John Weidner at September 10, 2004 5:37 PM
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