September 7, 2004

The Jews are the canary, as always....

Natalie Solent writes:

The Jews are the canary, as always. Once it became acceptable to a broad section of Islam (and to Western apologists for terrorism) to select Jewish children as targets it was only a matter of time before non-Jewish children would also be selected. Children are the most convenient terrorist target as they are physically easy to control or kill, and because people will concede more to save them. The only thing that stops a Beslan happening every week is the shreds of morality that remain even in the minds of terrorists. Once the taboo was breached for Israeli victims it was breached for everyone.

I am surprised that there has been little mention outside the Israeli press of the massacre at the school in Maalot...

Go read the horrifying details...or just guess.

We're all familiar with the crowd that supports the "Palestinians," and Yasser Arafat, no matter how vicious the murders they commit. They've taught the terrorists that murder pays. Now the same tactics are being turned on the rest of the world. If you want to know who to blame for Beslan, (and the future Beslans that are going to happen, without a doubt) a good place to start is the anti-Semitism that permeates the Left.

Posted by John Weidner at September 7, 2004 8:15 PM
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