September 7, 2004

crazed with war hysteria...

Andrew Morton suggested I fisk this latest, by Paul Krugman. But it's so far out in loon territory, that there's no point. Anyone addled enough to fall for it isn't going to hear anything I say. Krugman now claims the War on Terror is a cynical plot to by Bush to whip up hysteria so we won't notice Bush's failures.

...Yet the Bush administration, like the Argentine junta, derived enormous political benefit from the impulse of a nation at war to rally around its leader.

Another president might have refrained from exploiting that surge of support for partisan gain; Mr. Bush didn't.

And his administration has sought to perpetuate the war psychology that makes such exploitation possible.

Step by step, the fight against Al Qaeda became a universal "war on terror," then a confrontation with the "axis of evil," then a war against all evil everywhere...

There's no sense arguing, anyone who disagrees with Krug is crazed with war hysteria.

The only thing to say is Beslan. Just look at the pictures of the children, gunned down by the hundreds. Think of mothers forced to choose one of their children to save, and not the others....

And then think about bloated lefty cynics like Krugman sneering at the possibility of evil, and the possibility that we might really be at war. Sneering at ordinary Americans and assuming them incapable of rational thought. Sneering at our patriotism, our steadfastness in time of trouble, and our support for our President.

Sorry Kruggie, ordinary Americans are capable of thinking and deciding. And they are deciding to reject appeasers like you. You are doing your best to undermine America during war time, and you are going to suffer for it. You hunger for power, and you are never going to get it. By the time the Democrats come back into office, you will be 100 years old, and forgotten.

(And they will be a new generation of Democrats, who have earned the right to hold office by utterly rejecting the corrosive anti-Americanism and quasi-socialism that you champion.)

Posted by John Weidner at September 7, 2004 7:48 PM
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