September 5, 2004

" We are not Israel....We will not wage the war against terrorists on our own soil..."

The War on Terror is often portrayed as "warmongering Republicans who think force is the answer to everything," vs "sensitive nuanced Democrats who support diplomacy and negotiations." Pure bullshit. A truer picture is "Democrats who want to let the situation slide until we are forced to slaughter millions."

Bill Quick, writing after Beslan:

...Something like this happens in Kansas City, and we'll show the Islamofascists our civilized side.

Maybe John Kerry would. Till he was impeached.

Look, I am trying to make a valid point here. America will not tolerate this sort of atrocity. If this sort of thing becomes even somewhat common in our country, it will be the mothers of America, not the daddies, who demand the destruction of the threat, and they won't much care who has to die in order for that threat to be destroyed.

"It doesn't have to be that way?"

Wishful flapdoodle. The only way it won't happen is if we defeat terror now, in its own lands. That is the warning, and that is the truth. The rest of the truth is that we will not wage the war against terrorists on our own soil. Not like this. We'll destroy Islam forever before we do that.

We are not Israel. Our enemies would do well to remember it.

UPDATE: Soccer mom speaks: Here is a mother of four's point of view on the subject of Islamofascist baby butchers.

You think she would want the "civilized response" to an attack like the al-Qaeda-Chechen monstrosity here in the United States?

It is the Democrats who are the warmongers. It is the peaceniks who are endangering the peace of the world.

I'm a passionate supporter of the Administration's efforts to bring democracy and freedom to the Middle East. And to simultaneously pursue terrorists and countries that support them with massive force and violence.

Why? 'cause I'm a nice guy. I really like the Iraqis I've "met" on the Internet. But if it came to a choice between a having a Beslan happen here in my town, or killing a million Muslims.... goodbye towel-heads.

Posted by John Weidner at September 5, 2004 8:48 AM
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