September 2, 2004

Mixing with the right-wing nut-jobs...

Charlene and I had a rare night out without the kids, hobnobbing with the other 98 Republicans in San Francisco, and watching the President's speech. That's her in front wearing blue.

We watch Bush's Convention speech

We were both a touch underwhelmed by the overly broad range of domestic programs, helping community colleges and such, but other than that it was GREAT! Splendid! What a guy. We love him more than ever. He was right on schedule with things he has promised! ...Social Security reform, tax reform, HSA's... the ownership society that will give us more control, and bureaucrats less. (Obviously the thin end of the wedge for fascist tyranny.)

Good jokes, some at his own expense. Loved the mention of the NYT editorial in 1946 about the failed hopeless occupation of Germany. "Maybe the same guy is still writing editorials today."

And Pataki was excellent too. Quite moving. And funny: "This is a candidate who has to Google his own name to find out where he stands."

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