September 2, 2004

While at the White House...

If you keep your eyes open for accounts of the President (and his whole clan) you will often encounter stories like this. And not just from Republicans. Which is part of why the arguments of the Bush-haters are so intellectually flabby. They have to ignore so much of what's going on....

While at the White House, I spoke with several media types that have coordinated with both current and the previous Clinton administrations. I had a long conversation with a media guy who had also worked with the Clintons during their eight years. He was young, aggressive, Democratic, and did some work for the current administration. He said, at first, he was unrelenting in his disdain for Bush...that he was a "loyal" Democrat. But, after working with Bush on and off, for the past 4 years, he absolutely "loved" the President and that working with the Clintons was "hell"...they were both demanding, rude, arrogant, paranoid people, who were late for everything. He said that President Bush was a "good, decent man, who respects everyone he works with".

Another thing. This event could have been pure positive PR heaven for the President, given the nature of the organization and the people it represents. But he insisted on it remaining private with no cameras, media, wasn't even on his daily agenda. He offered himself extensively to the people involved who wished to meet him and talk with him. He continually told the Secret Service to "stand back", so we could have close access to him.

This young Democrat said that if it would have been the Clintons, they would have exploited the event, had the media all over it, refused to pose for pictures, etc., and then been a couple of hours late anyway. And, he went on to tell me, everyone who worked with President Bush on a daily basis pretty much felt the same way as he.

This was quoted at Betsy Newmark's blog, go there for more...

It is actually kind of gratifying when I hear that Bush is the worst President ever, and similar stuff. Because it tracks closely with my theorizing about the 70-Year Cycle. The things being said about Bush now are amazingly similar to what was said about FDR in the 30's, and about Lincoln in the 1860's. They were all three seen as stupid and unqualified, yet at the same time as Machiavellian schemers who were stealing the republic from those less clever.

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