September 1, 2004

We can't win the war on roaches either...

From an editorial in the NY Daily News;

...Anyone with any sense knew perfectly well what President Bush meant when he remarked that the war on terror is not a war that is going to be won. He meant, obviously, that this epically historic clash of cultures and values will surely continue all the rest of our lives and beyond and will not be conventionally concluded with, for example, a surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship.

Which is true. We can obliterate the Islamofascist gangsters left and right. We can render them ineffective and we can drive them into holes. But there will always be more of them, somewhere, for a long time to come. Mankind is not soon going to "win" the war on rats and roaches, either.

Thus, it was a sensible and levelheaded thing for Bush to say, a rational acknowledgment of the way things are in the real world. Ah, but here comes the Kerry-Edwards campaign, scenting anything akin to blood and pouncing on such a weak-willed commander-in-chief as this who can't even fight a good war. Mere days ago, they were blistering Bush as some crazed, out-of-control, swaggering macho cowboy, waging bloody battle with insufficient "sensitivity." Now, suddenly, he's a twinkie, devoid of the warrior's hard resolve to take the enemy down to defeat...

I heard a clip of the President's remarks. In context, he obviously wasn't being defeatist, or changing his tune. Just being thoughtful about the difficulties of the war. It's pretty pathetic for the Dems to try to make a big deal about this, though I suppose they don't have much positive to talk about right about now.

Mainly this makes me think again that Bush is absolutely right not to admit mistakes. If you read accounts by people who know him, as I often do, you know that the President regrets his mistakes just like we all do. But any mention of them would just be blood in the water to starveling Democrats.

Posted by John Weidner at September 1, 2004 6:45 PM
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