August 29, 2004

"only to use them like rented mules"

Orrin Judd, once again...he just puts this so well...

...One of the things that Democrats and pundits--with the exception of a few wise souls like Mr. Steyn--just don't seem to get is that the President enjoys raising the stakes at exactly those moments when they think they've caught him bluffing. And when they accept he tends to crush them. After the stolen election he was supposed to mark time untril Al Gore could be awarded his rightful crown, but instead he rammed through his tax cuts. After Jim Jeffords jumped the President was supposed to be permanently, but he just went ahead and passed NCLB and Fast Track Trade Authority and the like anyway.

After 9-11 he was supposed to not do anything partisan lest it change the color of the global mood ring, but he went to war in Iraq anyway. Presidents are supposed to lose seats in the congressional midterm but the President staked his reputation on them and won seats. Economy doing badly? He'd have to repeal tax cuts, right? Wrong, he went for more and got them. Iraq going unsmoothly, better apologize to the U.N. and hide behind it, right? Wrong, he invited them in only to use them like rented mules. Senator Kerry served in Vietnam while the President was "only" in the Guard--better avoid that issue right? And so on, and so forth, seemingly ad infinitum.

It's always around July and August that the smart-alecks decide that Bush is holding an empty hand. Every year, the same darn thing! I used to get worried, but not no more, not this year. Now I'm biting my tongue to try to keep from laughing out loud.

And they've been told...remember what Andy Card said a couple of years ago? "From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August." Oh how the stuffed-shirts howled over that one! Ha ha. But they didn't learn the lesson, though Bush beat them with it like a two by four in September. Remember, all summer long: "We need to have a national debate over Iraq!" And didn't they just choke on it in September, the phonies. And Homeland Security, too.

and here's something I blogged in September 2003.

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