August 22, 2004

like the mad death-wish of a guilty conscience...

I strongly recommend this piece by Varifrank, The Grand Unified Theory Of Vietnam.

It asks the question: Why is the press, which has never liked John Kerry in the past, now going to lunatic lengths to defend him?

...After looking around on the web, I came across a set of pictures of John Kerry at the 1970 "Valley Forge" rally, known as "Winter Soldier", where Kerry made some pretty rough statements about the soldiers and sailors he has just finished serving with. Behind him in the picture was the usual suspects, but then I began to pick out a series of celebrities, who at that time were just new and up and coming in their careers. While I was doing this, I had a documentary on the TV :" A Decade Under The Influence". This is the story of the rise of the new breed in Hollywood after the studio system ended. Many of the people in the background of the pictures with Kerry were dead center in this documentary. I was doing digital convergence and I didn't even know it...
His answer is that 9/11, and President Bush's strong and patriotic leadership afterwards, begs a huge question: whether the lefty protesters of the 60's and 70's, who are now the leaders in the press and Democrat Party, were wrong! Utterly wrong! Betrayers of their country, their military, their fellow citizens, and free people everywhere.

They can't face that question.

...So, why is the press unhinged and supporting John F. Kerry like crazed moonies?

It's for the redemption from their sins and the return of a moral order that they can understand, more importantly a moral order in which they sit at the top.

By working to elect John Kerry, they can return to the world where Vietnam was wrong, but they can now say that defense of America is right. By working to elect John Kerry, they do not have to confront their bigotry against their very own country and its countrymen...
... More simply put, by electing John Kerry it lets a generation off the hook for its malfeasance in the defense of liberty...

"it lets a generation off the hook." Well, they aren't going to be able to get off the hook. They are guilty as hell, guilty of choosing communism over American freedom, and helping the communists to murder millions or send them to concentration camps, or fleeing in leaky boats as refugees. And leaving those who survived, in Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia, to survive in backwardness and poverty and brutal oppression.

And now, with something like the mad death-wish of a guilty conscience, the same betrayers have nominated for President the man who, more than probably any other politician, symbolizes and embodies that betrayal. (And whose blank Senate record symbolizes all-too-well their complete moral and intellectual vacuity)

John Kerry has been put in the dock, but it's the press and the lefty-establishment it's a part of that's now on trial.

* Update: It occurs to me, there was an earlier generation of left-leaners who sided with some earlier mass-murdering communist regimes. But they didn't get off the hook! They were hounded and vilified in the 1950's, by the movement we label McCarthyism.

They quite naturally felt aggrieved, but in some ways they were lucky. They paid for their sins, (either symbolically or actually) and most were able to go beyond them, with many becoming staunch defenders of freedom against communist aggression.

* Also, the press is particularly in the hot seat here, because it is they who have suppressed this debate in the past. O'Neill debated these issues with Kerry back in the 1970's! Vietnam vets have been grumbling all along, but it is only now in the age of talk-radio, the Internet, and FoxNews that they have a chance to really get some traction. They are like a pressure-cooker that's been building up steam for a long time! Look for these questions to not go away!

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