August 22, 2004


I kinda like how Katie puts this...

...but good grief, this election cycle is strange. Two things seem to be happening simultaneously here:

1) The "They Say You Are and Thus Shall I Be" Thing
It works like this:
  • Bush is not foo, where foo is a variable representing anything from 'a liar' to 'a book-buring censor'.
  • The left calls Bush foo.
  • Kerry promptly does something that demonstrates that he is foo.
  • The left brushes it off, because Bush is more foo.
  • The right screams at their computers until there are little flecks of spittle all over the keyboard.
  • The media stands with the cheese.

    2) The "Mr. Rove's Kerry-Flip-Flop-O-Matic" Thing
    This one may even be more fun. Here's how it goes:
  • Bush has a good idea baz, where baz is a variable representing anything from 'reduce troop deployments in Germany and Japan' to 'not raising taxes' to 'liberating Iraq'
  • Kerry proposes or endorses baz.
  • Bush does baz.
  • Kerry angrily denounces baz as something that will destroy our way of life as we know it, and probably also hurt the whales.
  • The Bush campaign mercilessly mocks Kerry for his flip-flop, even to the extent of including it in this, which is Not Very Nice, but funny and also illustrates its point well.
  • The left calls Bush foo.

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