August 21, 2004

I remember clothes lines...

Walter Cronkite, 1993?Walter Cronkite, probably in 1993
Frank Martin writes:
...It is incredible to me that we are talking about the Vietnam war today, a full 6 wars ago. Vietnam was
A war fought when Color Television was still a novelty.

When aircraft crossing the Pacific did not have wide range navigation aids and still relied on sextants.

When the words "via satellite" appeared at the bottom of your TV screen, you said "wow".

When TV news was restricted to 30 minutes per day, and presented as simply being read by the likes of Douglas Edwards or Walter Cronkite with just a simple picture displayed behind them.

When most cities had at least two newspapers, each of a different political stripe, delivered in the morning and afternoon allowing the average citizen to get a wide variety of opinion on the news.

Computers filled entire buildings, and "terminals" were teletype devices with rolls of paper for displays.

40% of Americans didn't even own a clothes dryer, but used "clothes lines" instead....

(Thanks to Stephen Green)

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