August 20, 2004

oxygen thieves

Raging Dave puts this well:

...The quote [by Lillian Hellman], by the way is "There are those people who eat the world. And then there are others who just stand around and watch them eat it."

I think that's the perfect analogy for today's modern liberals. They wail and gnash their teeth at the thought of genocide in Sudan, but should Bush send in the 101st Airborn Division to stop it, you can bet your bottom dollar there would be protests held nationwide. They do nothing but complain, but when someone else actually steps up and DOES something about, they screech and cry foul. They talk about women's rights, but when Bush removed the Taliban and their oppressive regime, which regularly enslaved women, killed them for appearing in public without a male family member, and prevented them from working or going to school, Michael Moore was out there denouncing Bush with his chins all a-quiver. They talk about world peace, but when Bush removed the dictator responsible for over ONE MILLION DEAD ARABS, he's called Hitler.

Liberals don't want to actually DO anything, they just want to whine and snivel about it. They want to preen in their own supposed superiority, but when they're shown to be the cowardly, spineless oxygen thieves that they are, they scream and protest and break things. They'll demand action in grand terms, but when someone ACTS they throw a temper tantrum.

They'll watch others eat the world, and do nothing to stop it...

I wish this weren't so true as it is. We see this stuff every day. I remember someone writing last year about going to the MLA Convention, and mentioning that he often used to hear denunciations of the Taliban....but those stopped the instant the US started actually doing something about the problem.

Posted by John Weidner at August 20, 2004 9:00 PM
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